In „The great curve“ I work with echoes of narrative worlds, thoughts and emotions which expand their resonance in abstract images.

In Interaction  with the vibrations of soundscapes I compose a breathing curve of different atmospheres:

The images, based on photographs, observe the individual in its surrounding. People, shown in their relation to the world, interact in creations of their own dramaturgies.  The focus shifts to various patterns of behavoir drawn by solitude, where protagonists are moved through their emotional memories.

In contrast,  the collages represent arrangements of moments of rare interrelations with one self.In a reflection of photographical investigations, I wander around the relationship between subjectivity and apperance and revisit emerging conditions. 

Opening the interface between reality and fiction, photographic observation und subjective interpretation the work leads us to question of the individual  perception.

Are there ways to observe the translation of unconscious mechanisms that influencea a persons actions? Is it possible to take this moment of framing a picture with a camera and transform it, through drawing, into an image that reinforces the temporality, so that the ego resonates solely as an echo?

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Kunstfabrik Groß-Siegharts

August,September 2018