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Teaser to DOLPHIN ATTACKS (ACT I), Instagram-Takeover  #CapriVienna


In 2018 users of Amazon Echo/Alexa have reported hearing strange, unprompted laughter without a command from external source in the middle of the night. The Echo is creeping out their owners devices with unexpected and unwarranted bursts of robotic laughter.

In the installation DolphinAttacks (Act I) 

an electro-acoustic composition based on a recording of the 1sec. Amazon Echo laughter is transmitted with Bluetooth speakers. A microphone amplifies the sound of the two speakers into the room which additionally adds a feedback loop to the ambient soundscape_____

consequently synchronizing the sound waves of the manipulated voice with the interfering frequency of the feedback sound.  The composition is completed by adding much higher frequencies than the average gain over all frequencies to the feedback.

excerpt of a 6.03 min. fixed media stereo piece     

with a series of inducing feedback pulses

melted bluetooth speakers, microphone, amplifiers on desert landscape 

Installationview @CapriVienna


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