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THE FETCH, SoundDesign for VR session of Christiane Peschek's virtual aura, collab. with Meta, Museum of Applied Arts (MAK), viennacontemporary, 2023

OASIS, SoundDesign for video installation by Christiane Peschek, Animation by Joshua Alena, @Sanatorium Gallery, Istanbul, 2022 

"ON TOUCHING MYSELF" - SoundDesign for Video-Installation by Christiane Peschek, 2019 

 "MY FANCY INTO SMILING" Sound for „NEVERMORE“ exhibition by Christiane Peschek, Philipp Pess, Michaela Putz @ Parallel Vienna, 2019

SoundDesign for „CHURCH OF EGO“ - Virtual Reality Symposium by 280A, 2019

Meditative SoundDesign for „DREAM ABOUT THE PAST“ by Magdalena Zoledz, 2019
Meditative Soundpiece for VARIO with 280A @ Westergasfabriek, Unseen Amsterdam's CO-OP, 2018      
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