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Photos: Eva Kelety

In the sound installation -LUCID-, the process of physical decay is elevated into an ephemeral medium. The exploration of an extended existence not tied to physical bodies is being researched. One becomes a resonant chamber that explores the plasticity of consciousness to adapt to changing virtual physicality and its expansion into infinite variety.

In our form as a hyper-sensory self, where we connect with the digital and send and receive data, we have the choice to extend our bodies into a self-written hyper-reality and leave behind any norms of physical representation. As our senses become digitized and thus transferable to others, we expand our sensory capacity through the digital interface with which we merge.

The body becomes the interface, and our physical shell becomes a portal through which we experience reformulation. We leave our bodies to rewrite ourselves - free from scratch. A review takes place as our human existence passes by us once again.

Quotes from musicians who have been voicing non-binary life concepts since the beginnings of sound recording will serve as a metaphor for the last moments of life when everything experienced is seen once again. They remind us of lived free spaces in history, where gender spectrums were explored through music and alternatives to physical representation were tried. Through the fluid medium of music, the gender spectrum is made audible in all its rich, expressive, and changing forms, far beyond binary definitions. A transient form of embodiment is perceivable through hearing and revealed in the flow of digital new forms of continuity.

As a requiem for physicality, the artist tells a phase of transformation: a farewell but also an immediate new beginning.


acoustic foapodium, headset,

7 Inch Single - Vinyl Record (fixed media stereo piece, 7:06 min),

body fragments on vinyl foil 


@Bildraum 01, Vienna


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