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The spatial installation NEOTOTEM places the individual visitor at the center of a hyperreal environment. References to club and internet culture meet the human phygital system. Entering the circle of light at the center of the installation, the body becomes an avatar.

By lingering in the auditive realm of the soundinstallation, one may enter an ecstatic trance state that breaks through its own system of control at the threshold of human and technology. A series of casts on the walls act as silent guardians of a contemporary subculture séance, that begins anew with each visitor, inviting them to engage with their individual mental and physical setup".

Using rhythms, frequencies, and radiations, physical blockages are released and the bodily inner space is facilitated, stimulating a reboot of one's own system.

The installation was commissioned by Künstlerhaus Vienna for the exhibition „Systemrelevant" in 2023.

Installationview, Künstlerhaus Vienna


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