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These etchings show fragments of analog and digital traces whose merging is possible by the aquatint technique. The digitalisation of the analog image and the interfaces between physical processing and further digital manipulation lead me to the alienation of the original surfaces and their properties. The resulting visual memory gaps, the image revision, were transferred to the room in the acoustic part of the installation. Frequencies that cannot be heard are transmitted into the room through a skin-like membrane on the speakers.

At first glance, the surface looks marbled .. when you get closer to the subwoofer, you can see the trembling latex layer, which vibrates through infra- sound waves. The apparently marbled surface is an overstimulated, burst vein from one eye. The movements of the veins are made visible and perceptible through infrasound waves, which are not perceived aurally. In a complementary relationship, auditory and visual elements of the installation complement each other.

Installationview @ MUSEUM KREMS, Krems an der Donau



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