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The Music Video for "Staring into Mercury" is a surreal piece that explores communication, isolation, and fluidity. Glitchy, chromium oxide fiery effects in a watery landscape create a sense of disorientation and otherworldliness, while a face on the surface hints at loneliness and the endless streams of social media content. The contradiction between the planetary mediator and the heavy metal forms the ambiguity of the piece. The music's climax is accompanied by the transformation of the body until its shapelessness, celebrating non-conformity and fluid identity. 
The end of the video invites the viewer to follow the stream becoming one with the surface‘s surrounding a small ocean swallowed, a wild wetland in our gutrivulets forsaken making their way from inside out,from watery womb to a fluid watery world.

Animation & Concept: Joshua Alena Mallek
Lyrics, Composition & Concept: ERNST LIMA



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